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"Il Sergente" di Marco Paolini quale adattamento scenico del romanzo di Mario Rigoni Stern

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Il Sergente by Marco Paolini as a theatre adaptation of a novel by Mario Rigoni Stern

This paper is an analysis of a monodrama by Paolini, Il Sergente, which is an adaptation of a novel by Mario Rigoni Stern published in 1953. Comparing a fragment of the novel with a fragment of the monodrama text, and on the basis of other source materials (for example the film about Paolini’s interview with Rigoni Stern), we can prove that the adaptation was a synthesis of the author of the novel’s original message. This synthesis is partly characterised by detaching the main character’s personal experience from the historical context of World War II, in this case the Italian Fascist attack on the Soviet Union. In this way Paolini transformed entire paragraphs of the novel into “winged words” carrying a global moral message against the war and against the use of violence as a solution to conflicts.

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

56, 2009

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