Le retraducteur: un traducteur pas comme les autres?

  1. Maria Papadima


The retlanslator: just an other translator?

The aim of this paper is to specify the characteristics of the retranslator as opposed to those of the translator. The term retranslation is used in the sense of a “new translation of a text in one or more than one languages”. The phenomenon of retranslation accompanies translation from its first steps; consequently translators and retranslators share the same long history. The patron saint of translators St Jeronimo, the first of retranslators himself with his work on the Bible, defined retranslator’s characteristics. A retranslator who takes over the translation of an already translated text will definitely question, criticize or praise the work of translators that preceded his/her own, asserting a place in the translators’ family. Selectively talkative he/she frequently furnishes his/her work with a peritext that allows us to get a glimpse of this peculiar writer with his/her complicated personality, who is the translator.

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

59, 2012

Pages from 121 to 129

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