Le terme: condensation syntaxique et condensation des connaissances en langue spécialisée

  1. Marc Van Campenhoudt ORCiD: 0000-0001-8569-8257


The term: Syntactic condensation and knowledge condensation in specialised language


Kocourek observes that the concern for conciseness “constitutes a strong factor in the building of technoscientific sentences.” The purpose does not seem to produce short sentences but to add semantic charge to sentences without unnecessarily making them longer. He speaks of “syntactic condensation” leading to a “concise complexity” of the sentences. In our didactic practice at the Higher Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ISTI), we use a reference corpus of different specialised texts. The analysis of this corpus does confirm that the tendency to condensation implies the creation of specialised terminologies according to morphological models which make it possible to better synthesise complex knowledge, to show up hyponymic relations, and to make coreference easier.

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

57, 2010

Pages from 29 to 46

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